This recipe was used to reload an empty Goblin Mortar.

This ability was available to Engineers who had specialized in Goblin Engineering.

Reagents used:

Note that the mortar need not be empty when this performed. The result is a Goblin Mortar with 6 charges regardless of the number of charges previously.

This ability was taught by the Goblin Engineering Trainers, and was gained when the recipe for Goblin Mortar is learned.

Notes Edit

Warning - May cause the mortar to explode. Damage usually varies between about 5200 and 8800, but can crit for additional damage. The explosion may also throw you into the air, causing you yet more damage from the fall.

Note also that dying because of the explosion does not appear to cause a durability loss. Dying because of the falling damage as a result of the explosion, though, will cause durability loss. It has been suggested that users be indoors while reloading, to avoid long falls.

Also, the explosion does not destroy the mortar. You are able to attempt reloading it again as soon as your head clears (or in most case, resurrected).

It is an obvious reference to The Matrix: Reloaded.

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