The Master's Cellar

The Master's Cellar

The Master's Cellar is an area riddled with level 68-70 ghosts in the southernmost portion of the Deadwind Pass, just south of Karazhan. It is below the ruins of a small village, probably the former home of servants that worked in the nearby Ivory Tower.

There are two separate entrances to the Master's Cellar. One leads into a vast wine cellar, filled to the brim with Unliving Residents, Unliving Caretakers, Damned Souls, Restless Shades, and Wailing Spectres. The other leads into a similar cellar, but here the floor has collapsed into a cave system leading deep underground. The second cellar and cave system are also filled with the same type of undead, but there are no named or rare undead of any type to be found.


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