Comics by Sertimer are webcomics made by Sertimer. They started out March 2011. Sertimer made them for his guild, the Raiders of Oomph. Click here for the comics.

The guild Edit

The Raiders of Oomph are a dungeon and raid based guild on the server Khaz Modan. They spend much of their time helping each other with quests, daily quests, getting places, and many other activities. Sertimer describes them as a band of friends.

The characters Edit

  • Pern (Pernigotti)
    Pernigotti is a Night Elf hunter, one of the sharpest in the group, and also the guild master.

He first appears in Comic #2- Goblins and Herbs.

  • Thor (Hulockthor)
    Hulockthor is a human warlock, who is the tease of the group. He makes comments about people whining, and is also one of the strongest in the guild in combat. He first appears in Comic #2
  • Dath (Dathnite)
    Dathnite is a draenai Death Knight, as his name might suggest. He is sometimes a bit silly, but usually around to help if anyone is in trouble.

He first appears in Comic #2- Goblins and Herbs.

  • Budha the Avenger
    Budha is Dathnite's alternate character, a Night Elf Druid. He first appears in Guest Comic #1- Ambassador.
  • Sert (Sertimer)
    The writer of the comics, Sertimer is an avid Death Knight, as well as a human. While he is the main character, he usually takes a back seat to the rest of the group. He is usually a silly, unoffensive character, but when someone insults him or steals a herb, he swiftly decapitates them. Sometimes, he seems to be less of a bloodthirsty death knight and more of a chivalrous paladin, saving damsels in distress and saving people from horrible fates in general, even though he usually acts tough and bloodthirsty, strangely balancing this with silliness. He first appears in Comic #1- Death Knights.

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