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Neutral 32 Kalu'ak
Base of operationsBorean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight
Notable reward(s)Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole, Nurtured Penguin Egg
Kaluak 64

The Kalu'ak is a neutral tribe of tuskarr.

Reputation Edit

All players start at Neutral with the Kalu'ak.

Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
500 Borean Tundra
500 Dragonblight
500 Howling Fjord
Quests ~21500

You can expect the following amount of time to gain the faction from the 3 daily quests:

Rewards Edit

<Kalu'ak Quartermaster>
edit Item Cost Type
Friendly [Freshly-Speared Emperor Salmon] 1Gold 60Silver Food
[Design: Seer's Dark Jade] 2Gold Jewelcrafting (350)
Honored [Design: Defender's Shadow Crystal] 2Gold Jewelcrafting (350)
[Pattern: Dragonscale Ammo Pouch] 5Gold Leatherworking (415)
[Cuttlefish Scale Breastplate] 37Gold 18Silver 81Copper Mail Chest
[Cuttlefish Tooth Ringmail] 37Gold 32Silver 51Copper Mail Chest
[Ivory-Reinforced Chestguard] 44Gold 24Silver 28Copper Plate Chest
[Pigment-Stained Robes] 24Gold 97Silver 22Copper Cloth Chest
[Turtle-Minders Robe] 25Gold 6Silver 36Copper Cloth Chest
[Whale-Skin Breastplate] 29Gold 60Silver 45Copper Leather Chest
[Whale-Skin Vest] 29Gold 71Silver 87Copper Leather Chest
[Whalebone Carapace] 43Gold 22Silver 62Copper Plate Chest
Revered [Pattern: Emerald Bag] 5Gold Tailoring(435)
[Pattern: Trapper's Traveling Pack] 5Gold Leatherworking (415)
[Totemic Purification Rod] 65Gold 70Silver 82Copper One-Handed Mace
[Traditional Flensing Knife] 72Gold 36Silver 12Copper Dagger
[Whale-Stick Harpoon] 82Gold 45Silver 45Copper Polearm
Exalted [Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole] 128Gold 4Silver 48Copper Fishing Pole
[Nurtured Penguin Egg] 12Gold Companion

Quests Edit

Borean Tundra Edit

OrderPrerequisites for AlliancePrerequisites for Horde
1Alliance 15 [71] A Soldier in Need Horde 15 [71] Burn in Effigy
2Alliance 15 [71] Cultists Among Us Horde 15 [71] Orabus the Helmsman
3Alliance 15 [71] Notify Arlos Horde 15 [71] Seek Out Karuk! (+500 reputation)
4Alliance 15 [71] A Diplomatic Mission

After the Prerequisites both factions start Edit

Howling Fjord Edit

Dragonblight Edit

Daily Quests Edit

Notes Edit

Videos Edit

[How to] The Kalu'ak daily quests.
More guides here]

External links Edit

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