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[[Category:World of Warcraft jewelcrafting crafted items]]
[[Category:World of Warcraft jewelcrafting crafted items]]
[[Category:World of Warcraft uncommon finger items]]

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Inv jewelry ring 11

The Jade Eye is a mid-level uncommon ring designed for tanking.


This item is crafted by jewelcrafters with a skill level of 170. The components are:

Materials Required
Inv misc gem stone 01
1x [Jade]
Inv ore iron 01
2x [Elemental Earth]

Inv scroll 03 [Design: The Jade Eye] is sold in limited quantity by Arred in Exodar or Burbik Gearspanner in Ironforge for Alliance players and by Gelanthis in Silvermoon City or Felicia Doan in Undercity for Horde players.

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