The Iron Watcher is a level 80 elite iron giant found in Storm Peaks. [53, 37]

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Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Basic Melee: Hits for ~4,000 on cloth.
  • Thundering Stomp: Occasionally stomps the ground, knocking opponents into the air and dealing 950-1050 unmitigated physical damage.


It is certainly possible to kill him using normal anti-elite tactics; classes able to kite are especially effective, as The Iron Watcher is quite slow.

However, the intended strategy for this fight is to pick up and use the Ability thunderbolt [Battered Storm Hammer]. Note that each time you use the hammer on him, The Iron Watcher will speed up slightly. After about 5 hits, approximately 50% of his health, The Iron Watcher will emote, The Iron Watcher reels, reaching to its now useless eyes, and charges blindly and charge directly to the edge of the platform from his current position and remain there stunned for several seconds. Another strike from the hammer will knock him off the ledge, killing him.

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