The Invincible Legion of Unconquerable Vanquishing Gnomes, local 237 was a Blizzard produced and released set of silly stories, with voice actors enacting a series of local gnome "union" meetings. These were released in mp3 (audio only) format for Halloween 2004 and Christmas 2004, on the old World of Warcraft community website. This site no longer exists, and the original works appear to no longer available directly from Blizzard.

Audio Edit

Silly-small This section concerns content that is silly (or possibly very silly).

The videos below contain original Blizzard mp3 audio, which may or may not be intended as official Lore.

Halloween 2004 Edit

Gnomes, local 237 - Halloween (with fan made in-game video)

Christmas 2004 Edit

Gnomes, local 237 - Christmas

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Halloween 2004
Christmas 2004

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