The Hammer of Twilight

The Hammer of Twilight[45.4, 88]
is a giant, powerful weapon crafted by dark iron dwarves for Cho'gall. The dwarves were summarily murdered, their bodies dumped into Loch Verrall for their efforts. The Hammer is initially encountered by players at the Altar of Twilight in the Twilight Highlands, left there in a effort by Cho'gall to lure heroes out in order to have his gronn, Skullcrusher the Mountain, slay them.

Forgemaster Finlay, one of those unfortunate dwarves, reveals a good deal of information even after his death:

Wh... what is this?
I'm dead! Murdered by the Twilight's Hammer.
The Spirit of the Loch sent you here. You seek information.
They captured and enslaved us. Put us to work on a weapon.
A special project... an artifact for Cho'gall.
We were to be rewarded for the best work we'd ever done, and we were... with this.
They imbued it with the power of an Old God.
The weapon which you seek is called the Hammer of Twilight.
Now leave me be. I see the Light...

Cho'gall himself also shares more information:

Back, vermin! (Insects! Weak and small!)
Look, mortal, upon the instrument of your undoing. (The Hammer, hand of the Gods Below.) Forged of molten blood... ( of the master. His gift!) Shaped upon the Last Altar of Storm.
The Hammer of Twilight. (The Hammer of Twilight!) Commissioned by the Aspect of Death. It is the breaker of worlds.


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