Mr. Bane

Mr. Bane in the woods, preparing for a raid.

Mr. Bane is a character (A Worgen Rogue) in Tim CW's Machinima sieries "The Guild." He makes his first appearance in episode 2 (Which was premiered late.) And is the newest member, along with Sylvia, the Russian Draeni Shaman. He appears to take a liking of her further on throughout the sieries. He is not a very intelligent bloke, but should not be taken for granted. He is trained in martial arts, and is said to have killed Orcs just by looking at them from his immense L337ness. He is also proficient in Martial arts. He is said to have been in the arts of combat by Chuck Norris, so his "Kick" ability should be feared far and wide. He prefers to fight Defias and other enemies with his bare hands..err... Paws, being a worgen and ripping them to shreds. HE is misunderstood when he first arrives, because he only knows how to speek 1337. Luckily, Tim knows the language and was able to communicate.

First Appearance:

  • Episode 2 (With Sylvia)

First encounter:

  • Bane: Hey d00dZ I m H30r 2 join thiz Gild keh?
  • Youcef: Hey man, speak English, I don't get what your saying.
  • Tim: I got this. Keh,d00D, what can u d0 2 b in aur Gild?

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