The Fleshwerks

The Fleshwerks

The Fleshwerks is a large facility of the Scourge which is dedicated to the creation of Abominations and Flesh Giants. The Blackwatch is the quest hub of this area. The quests here earn rep with both the Argent Crusade and Knights of the Ebon Blade. The quests involve the sabotage of the Lich King's Abomination and Flesh Giant factories. Interesting enough, when the quests are completed, the area does not become a base, like the Shadow Vault does. The area remains in conflict with the Ebon blade and Argent Crusade. It is possible that Patchwerk was constructed here.

Phases Edit

Initial Edit

Crusaders vs Corpulent Horrors Edit

The quest He's Gone to Pieces starts a new phase in the Fleshwerks. Corpulent Horrors and geists populate the area, being attacked by crusaders and Ebon Knight cavalry.

Final: Battling the Ebon Hand Edit

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