• The Fists of Fury
  • +40 Agility
    +56 Stamina
  • Increases attack power by 76.
  • The Fists of Fury (2 pieces)
  • [Claw of Molten Fury]
    [Fist of Molten Fury]
  • (2) Set: Chance to bathe your enemy in flame causing 100 to 150 Fire damage to your target.
  • Combined stats.

The Fists of Fury are a pair of fist weapons. Their look is matching Shaman Tier 5 armor set.


These items are a rare drop from trash mobs during the Battle for Mount Hyjal.

Patch changes Edit

Bc icon Patch 2.4.0 (25-Mar-2008): Added

Note Edit

This set seems related to the movie "Fist of Fury" staring Bruce Lee and Nora Miao.

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