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[The First Troll Legend] is a quest item only lootable by players on the quest Alliance 15 [38] Kurzen's Mystery.

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[The First Troll Legend] is looted from the large stone tablet called Moon Over the Vale, found in the Bal'lal Ruins [29.5, 19.2]
. These ruins are almost directly north of the Horde camp, Grom'gol Base Camp, and southwest of the hunter's camp where Hemet Nesingwary Jr. can be found. The tablet is in the northwest corner of the ruins. Coordinates: (29,19)

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The First Troll Legend

A Moon over the Vale shines
Casting its glow upon the jungle
Where proud Warriors heed the call
To defend our Nation and sacred grounds.

A Moon over the Vale shines
Far above the cries of battle
Where blood is spilled
Of foe and comrade alike.

And when our brethren pass
Into realms beyond the known
The soul-spirit hardens
Deep beneath the Vale.

And when our brethren pass
Into the Mountain's Temple
We shall protect their eternal spirit
Encased within the holy blue crystal.

And when our brethren pass
A Moon over the Vale shines.

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