The Fifth Element

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Spell frost summonwaterelemental 2 Neutral 15 The Fifth Element
Obtain an Aqual Quintessence.

The Fifth Element is a Feat of Strength for obtaining an Aqual Quintessence. This becomes available from Duke Hydraxis after completing Neutral 15 [60R] Hands of the Enemy.

Namesake Edit

This achievement's name may be a reference to the scifi movie The Fifth Element.

Notes Edit

The quest chain leading to Hands of the Enemy was no longer available after patch 3.0.8; however, if you had obtained or completed the quest Neutral 15 [55] Poisoned Water (which along with Neutral 15 [57R] Stormers and Rumblers is a prerequisite to the quest chain) you may still obtain and complete Hands of the Enemy and get the Feat of Strength.

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