Spell fire elemental totem Neutral 15 The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost 10 Money achievement
Hunt down and slay the following minions of Ragnaros in Sethria's Roost.
The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost is an achievement whereby players hunt down and kill the minions of Ragnaros that spawn within Sethria's Roost[30, 87]
of Mount Hyjal during the Firelands Invasion.


  • This should be attempted while on the daily quest The Protectors of Hyjal, as the quest pairs you with four NPCs.
  • The mobs spawn one at a time, in random order, mostly along the same shelf within the Roost. Andrazor is the exception, as the fire hawk will fly around overhead. Jarakk spawns along one of the upper shelves[31, 87]
  • All the mobs are neutral when encountered, so if you need to clear the mobs nearby, do so. However, be warned that whoever tags the minion of Ragnaros first will be the only one to get credit (unless in a group, of course).
  • Most of the mobs have some sort of knockback ability, so fight them away from the edge of the Roost. The only exception to this is Searris, who has a fear-like ability (Ignite) that results in loss of character control. Ignite can be interrupted.

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