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the Explorer is a title awarded for completing Money achievement World Explorer, where you must completely explore all of the world maps for all continents in the game (Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Bc iconOutland, and Wrath-Logo-SmallNorthrend).

The title comes after the player's name, in the following format:

<name> the Explorer

In addition to the title, players will receive the [Tabard of the Explorer] in the mail upon completing the exploration of Northrend.

The achievement is possible without Cold Weather Flying, however it's more difficult. Check other online networks for closer information on how to get to Storm Peaks and other elevated areas. There is a character of level 1 who earned the title. (Check

Fozz the Explorer

The Explorer Title and Tabard

The tabard is actually awarded on completion of the exploration of Wrath-Logo-SmallNorthrend and is independent of the Money achievement World Explorer achievement.

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