The Captain's Chest

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The Captain's Chest - Alliance

The Captain's Chest, Alliance version

The Captain's Chest - Horde

The Captain's Chest, Horde version

For the quest, see Quest:The Captain's Chest.

The Captain's Chest is a loot container which can be found onboard either The Skybreaker or Orgrim's Hammer at the end of the Halls of Reflection. In order to open it, the player must escape from the Lich King and destroy the obstacles he puts in their way.


Inv chest leather 23
Inv mace 88
Inv weapon shortblade 79
Inv weapon bow 44
Inv gauntlets 94
Inv helmet 158
Inv shoulder 115
Inv axe 94
Inv pants mail 33
Inv sword 127
Inv misc cape 16
Inv helmet 155

Inv mace 78
Inv boots leather 8
Inv chest leather 23
Inv misc shell 04
Inv boots plate 11(v2)
Inv gauntlets 77a
Inv sword 118
Inv jewelry ring 68
Inv helmet 158
Inv ore feliron 01
Inv belt 67
Inv jewelry ring 26

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