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"The Awakening" is the intro cinematic of the Sentinels campaign "Terror of Tides" in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. In this cinamatic we see Illidan Stormrage summoning Naga from the dark tides.


(Illidan standing on a clif over the sea)
"Betrayer... In truth it was I who was betrayed...
Still I'm hunted...
Still I'm hated...
Now, my blind eyes see what others can not!...
And sometimes the hand of fate must be forced!...
(Naga arise from the water)
Now go forth...
Unleash the tides of doom!...
Upon all who would oppose us!"
(Cinematic ends)
Warcraft III Frozen Throne Intro Cinematic The Awakening03:04

Warcraft III Frozen Throne Intro Cinematic The Awakening

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