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Argent Vanguard

The Argent Vanguard

The Argent Vanguard is the main forward base of the Argent Crusade and is located in the Valley of Echoes in Icecrown. [86.9, 76.5] Here, Highlord Tirion Fordring, the new Ashbringer, personally leads the valiant forces of the Crusade against the Scourge on their home turf.


Highlord Tirion Fordring

The Ebon Watcher

Crusade Commander Entari Please add any available information to this section.

Phasing Edit

First encountered Edit

Before having completed quests in the area, Argent Crusaders are roaming the Valley of Echoes, fighting with Forgotten Depths Slayers. Some crusaders are bound in webs. Forgotten Depths Ambushers will occasionally pop out of a webbing and attack.

Scourge attack Edit

After completing A Cold Front Approaches, the Scourge will start attacking on the Argent Vanguard.

Cannons appear on top of the Argent Vanguard Towers. The Valley is filled with scourge of various sorts, and an occasional Frostbrood Destroyer joins the fight.

Aftermath Edit

When The Last Line Of Defense is completed the Argent Crusaders once again wander the Valley of Echoes cheering loudly near the dead bodies of the slain Frostbrood Destroyers and various dead Nerubians.

Various NPCs appear at (or move from the Argent Vanguard) a camp at the north end of the Valley of Echoes, just shy of The Breach. While a small group of crusaders guard the Breach from further Scourge invasions.


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