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== Note ==
== Note ==
* [[Firelands]] subzones may be listed incorrectly as subzones of [[Molten Front]] by some databases. This subzone may be one of them.
* [[Firelands]] subzones may be listed as subzones of [[Molten Front]] by some databases due to overflying during the daily quest {{questlong|Neutral|85 <small>Daily</small>|Fire in the Skies}}. This subzone may be one of them.
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Anvil of Conflagration

Reached through a portal northeast of Beth'tilac's Lair?

The Anvil of Conflagration is northeast of the main Firelands subcontinent on a floating island-like subzone in the Firelands where players trying to complete the legendary staff, [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest], quest line will encounter Boss 15 Volcanus to obtain the [Branch of Nordrassil] as the reward for completing the quest Neutral 15 [85] Nordrassil's Bough. This subzone is reached via the Anvil of Conflagration Portal northeast of Beth'tilac's Lair.

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