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To celebrate the launch of the Honor System, Blizzard issued a Test of Honor Contest. This took place in both WoW USA and Europe.

They gave away top-of-line NVIDIA® 6800 series graphics cards and other prizes to lucky participants that took part in player-versus-player combat; however these prizes were only applicable for the USA contestants.

How it worked Edit

Everyone that participated in player-versus-player combat from the time it was patched into the game until the contest ended on May 24th 2005 had a chance to win prizes; ranging from NVIDIA graphics cards to free WoW gametime. The higher your ranking in the Honor System on May 24th, the better your chance of winning was - however anyone that participated had an opportunity to win something.

Ranks in the honor system equated to a number of 'virtual tickets' (each ticket was a chance to win) the higher your rank in the honor system, the more tickets you would receive.

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