Terrorfiends are demons from the Burning Legion which can be found in Hellfire Peninsula. [30.1, 44.9]

The Terrorfiends are a demonic race that are notable for having a face on their chest, six horns coming out of their cylindrical head, a mouth full of large jagged teeth which almost completely circle their head, a small goatee, and a diamond shaped jewel lodged in their forehead. They also have spines coming out of the back part of their hooves and hands.

Terrorfiends have wings and cloven feet with a general build to that of daemons and ered'ruin, showing that they are a subspecies of the ered'ruin species. Some terrorfiends also hold the rank of doomguard, such as the fiend known as Overmaster Grindgarr, which proves they have a connection to the ered'ruin.

Being ered'ruin may show a connection to the Eredar, similar features include; cloven hooves, horns (as seen in kil'jaedan), and also wings (as seen in Kil'Jaedan).

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Inv potion 22 [Felblood Sample]

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