Terrath the Steady is a Stone Lord, guardian of Therazane. He can be found first within the Pale Roost[39.9, 19] as a quest giver, but also appears at Therazane's Throne[56, 14] and the Twilight Precipice[64, 36.38].

Players complete his quests to further gain the trust of the Stone Lords, and ultimately to recover one of the fragments of the World Pillar.

Quests Edit

Therazane's Throne
Twilight Precipice
The Pale Roost

Quotes Edit

  • "When the Earthwarder began to recover, he became ill content with the quiet. With the peace. It was not long before he turned the stone dragons upon us."
  • "With Deathwing gone, they are without purpose again. We can remind them of our strength. Bring them back to the Earthmother."

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Pale Roost Twilight Precipice Therazane's Throne
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