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A Terrain marker is an object used to mark a location on the terrain. Generally, it is placed by using an item to spawn the object, but could be placed by a spell or an ability.

Any placeable object can mark terrain, but in order to be useful the marking object must be:

  • Visible over a distance - in WoW, that generally means a large object
    • If subtlety is warranted, a small object may server better
  • Persistent - no fixed duration, but generally at least tens of seconds or several minutes
  • Stays in a fixed location - if it wanders, it can't mark a spot on the map


  • Ad Hoc, generally smaller objects. Anything that can be placed; examples:


Some uses that people have come up with:

  • marking locations for raids
  • smoke bomb the Flag Rooms in the Warsong Gulch battleground
  • props for floor shows and fashion shows


Where each of these can be placed varies. The Snowman companion is versatile in that regard, but be aware that companions despawn when a ship or a zepplin crosses into a new zone.

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