Terrace of the Sun is an area inside Sunwell Plateau. It is the third outside subzone of the plateau and, like the Parhelion Plaza, is where a majority of it's mobs species is found lurking.

Terrace of the Sun

The Terrace with several mobs of demons.

Terrace of the Sun 2

The Terrace from Parhelion Plaza.

The Terrace is split into 2 parts, the infamous gauntlet after the Dead Scar, and the open area & spiraling ramp section after the Witch's Sanctum.

Races Edit

  • Felblood elf
  • Infernal
  • Felguard
  • Abyssal
  • Imp
  • Shivarra
  • Wrathguard
  • Floating eye
  • Void terrors
  • Eredar
  • Fiends

Trash mobs Edit

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