Terky is a Humanoid battle pet, spawned from the [White Murloc Egg] item, which was part of an iCoke Promotion in Taiwan. As of Patch 6.2.2, it can also be obtained from a White Murloc Egg in an underwater cave in Borean Tundra, near the Riplash Ruins, the entrance of which is at the coordinates 55.7, 88.1. The egg spawns in a pile of debris next to a pedestal with a giant pearl on it. This pet is unique and uncageable, so only one can be attained per account.

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Name Level Damage Healing Duration Cooldown Accuracy Type
[Punch] 1 20 100% Pet type humanoid
[Acid Touch] 2 12 4 turns 100% Pet type aquatic
[Clobber] 4 1 turn 5 turns 100% Pet type humanoid
[Flank] 10 10-30 100% Pet type critter
[Lucky Dance] 15 4 turns 100% Pet type critter
[Stampede] 20 27 2 turns 100% Pet type critter
Entrance to Cave of White Murloc Egg

Entrance to the cave

Location of White Murloc Egg

Location of White Murloc Egg

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  • Still obtainable as of 26-Dec-2015.

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White Murloc Egg object

White Murloc Egg