Were you looking for the predecessor location in Warlords-Logo-Small Draenor, Temple of Sha'naar?

Temple of Telhamat is a draenei stronghold and religious site on the northwestern frontier of the Hellfire Peninsula (

  1. REDIRECT Template:Map/Coords). The temple is an Alliance port of call and a good gateway for travelers venturing into Zangarmarsh.

Travel connections Edit

Flight Edit

Alliance 15 Honor Hold

Alliance 15 Telredor

Temple of Telhamat NPCs Edit

Located near the top of the hill, the Temple's inn features a mailbox and several NPC's:

There is also a forge and an anvil, immediately outside the inn across the path, for use by miners and smiths.

The Temple features a selection of small buildings with various vendors and NPC's including:

Flight paths Edit

Temple of Telhamat's gryphon flight paths connect to:

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