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Were you looking for the possible future scenario of the same name, called Temple of Kotmogu?
Instance portal redPvpcurrency-honor-bothTemple of Kotmogu
Temple of Kotmogu loading screen
LocationVale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria
Battleground info
Advised level90
Player limit10

The Temple of Kotmogu[1][2] (called "Valley of Power" in the Beta[3] and by some outlets "Temple of Power") is a Murderball style battleground in Vale of Eternal Blossoms introduced with 0500Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria.[4]

Overview Edit

Four artifacts[5] (originally a single artifact) called Orbs of Power sit upon pillars in the middle of a large temple grounds. When a player picks up an Orb, they will grow larger, deal more damage, and start earning points for their team. Players holding Orbs also get a stacking debuff that causes them to take increasingly more damage the longer they hold onto the Orb. The map is broken into three zones: an inner courtyard where you earn 5 points per tick, a plaza area that earns you 3 points per tick, and the rest of the zone, which is temple grounds and grassy terrain, earns you 1 point per tick. The damage debuff stacks per team, not per player, so you can't just toss the Orb back and forth to negate the damage debuff.[2]

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MoP Beta Temple of Kotmogu (New Murderball style BG)03:16

MoP Beta Temple of Kotmogu (New Murderball style BG)


References Edit

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