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This is the Warcraft III "lore" template. It represents lore from the main campaigns, and the "snippets" of lore written for and into official multiplayer map files by Blizzard for their official released maps.

It in no way way means that all lore blizzard has included represents the main Warcraft universe storyline, as some may or may not be part of the Warcraft storyline. But it represents Blizzard's various "storylines" tied to official Warcraft add-ons and products. This is the reason for the note, in the template, that what is included in each article it is applied to, may not represent what is said in other sources of lore.

Infact this even applies to differences in storylines where changes are made due to later retcons, where old lore is no longer part of the new lore. But we still chronicle the old versions of the storyline in order to point out the differences, and chronicle a history and evolution of the production of the franchise storyline.

For articles dealing with gameplay or world editing rather than "backstories" please use;Template:World EditorBaggins 22:10, 13 April 2007 (EDT)

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