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Please, this tag should only be used for things that are not part of the games. Limited to material created by the fan community, or out of game joke material that blizzard releases but are not intended to be sources of lore such as april fool's day jokes, or refrences to WoW in pop culture by other shows, books, etc.

The template is intended for material that is not intended to be part of lore, and we can only judge that based on if the material is fan generated, or part of a out of game blizzard joke. Something intended to be a joke, like Murlocos or Pandaren Xpress can be marked with silly, unless it is confirmed by other sources of lore. Something like South Park warcraft episode, or Leeroy Jenkins video is certainly a good spot for the Silly template.

However, things like Sprok, Scooty, Jhordy Lapforge, or even goblin pod racers are funny, but were intended to be homages to popular culture, but are still part of lore. They are not valid articles to slap the silly template on. An article like Crushridge Ogre Marching Song is arguably silly but since it is derived from lore, it would also be the wrong spot for a Silly template.

I hope the criteria and examples can be of help to understand the right and wrong places to put the Silly template.Baggins 13:44, 27 December 2006 (EST)

That sounds like a good set of criteria. I agree that this template isn't really appropriate for in-game jokes like An Exotic Cookbook. Warcraft is, after all, a rather silly game on the whole; each instance of humour doesn't need to be labeled. In-game jokes would be a good category, if it isn't one already, but they certainly don't need a banner disclaimer.--Aeleas 18:35, 4 January 2007 (EST)

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