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Simplified Edit

I removed the <includeonly>{{Delete/Vote}}</includeonly>, since the instructions in the WoWWiki:Deletion policy say to use subst: which seems to not include the {{Delete/Vote}} stuff. In place of {{Delete/Vote}}, I put a simplified set of instructions without policy specifics. --Fandyllic 10:47 PM PDT 23 May 2006

Ok, my bad with the includeonly tag. This MediaWiki version is too old. We'll have to live with the template being listed as up for voting I suppose. However, on the Delete/Vote instructions..... I didn't really change anything (to my eyes) re: content, I just made it a lot more readable. Maybe that's why you're suddenly reacting to the content =) When I started poking around here, one of the things I reacted on was the "clutteriness" of instructions; I had to bounce back and forth between lots of oddly linked pages before I understood what to do. I was trying to improve on that situation. I agree that duplicating information is bad (my #1 area of interest is the API pages, where duplicate information is really bad), but perhaps this is one of the times where duplicate information is OK -- changing policy would almost certainly necessitate editing the deletion templates anyway? --Mikk 00:02, 24 May 2006 (EDT)

You didn't do anything wrong, just made some incorrect assumptions. I wouldn't have seen the problem until I tagged an article with {{Delete/Talk}}. I also didn't look at {{Delete/Vote}} right away because {{Delete/Talk}} wasn't putting it in when using subst:. I didn't mean you (Mikk) when I commented about {{Delete/Vote}} getting too big. It was just a general comment. Also, if {{Delete/Vote}} is supposed to be deprecated, having it show up at the top of {{Delete/Talk}} is kind of strange.
Anyway, I'm glad you have a sharp eye on these various things. Most users don't care much. --Fandyllic 11:21 AM PDT 24 May 2006

Protected template Edit

I protected this template today to avoid people voting in the template page, which has been happening lately. Mikk (T) 13:41, 20 May 2007 (UTC)

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