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On Trails Edit

In general, when implementing some piece of addon functionality, you'll probably need to access more than one related API page -- and since there is little cross-navigation between them, I thought some form of navboxes for API pages would be useful. The main idea is to group API functions, events and other things related to some functional area (such as the equipment manager) in a navbox, and put that at the bottom of the related API pages. There are a number of points I'm unsure of:

  • I've intentionally disabled autocollapse on this box: my initial feeling is that I'd probably want it open by default to use it.
  • Some API functions have horribly long (but related) names -- not quite sure how much mangling is alright for a navigation box. On one side, not using full function names improved readability when scanning the box; on the other, it means that the function names aren't directly available.
  • Show function arguments in the box, or omit them to save space?
  • There's no red-link highlighting for events (since those link to Events/X pages) -- an annoyance. Wonder if individual event pages could be useful.
  • Should probably add related HOWTOs to the box as well.

-- foxlit (talk) 22:15, 24 May 2009 (UTC)

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