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(It evolved from dwarves it's part of dwarven category until we have more information)
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|list1=[[Earthen]] (Northern{{·}} Southern{{·}} Deephome){{·}} [[Frostborn]]{{·}} [[Iron dwarf|Iron dwarves]]{{·}} [[Ironforge dwarf|Ironforge dwarves]] ([[Bronzebeard clan]]{{·}} [[Dark Iron clan]]{{·}} [[Wildhammer clan]]){{·}} [[Skardyn]]{{·}} [[Trogg]] ([[Stone trogg|Stone]])
|list1=[[Earthen]] (Northern{{·}} Southern{{·}} Deepholm){{·}} [[Frostborn]]{{·}} Aerie Peak dwarves ([[Wildhammer clan]]){{·}} Blackrock dwarves ([[Dark Iron clan]]){{·}} [[Ironforge dwarf|Ironforge dwarves]] ([[Bronzebeard clan]]){{·}} [[Iron dwarf|Iron dwarves]]{{·}} [[Skardyn]]{{·}} [[Trogg]] ([[Stone trogg|Stone]])

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