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For use in stubbing sections. Alternately use {{sectionstub}} (which just redirects here).
Known issues
  • Using an wiki-indent (:) before this template is known to cause problems and makes the wiki-engine generate spurious </div> tags for some reason that completely mess up the layout of pages.
  • type = See below. Type is not strictly enforced.
    • Accuracy - This refers to any section in which the accuracy of its contents is questionable
    • Elink - Sections dealing with external links.
    • Lore - Sections dealing with official World of Warcraft lore.
    • Notes - Notes section stub. Usually implies expected additional info.
    • Quest - Sections about specific quests or quest related info.
    • See also - A "See also" section stub for links to other related.
    • Source - A source section stub for items mostly.
    • Strategy - A strategy or tactics section stub for mobs, like instance bosses.
    • Other - Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories.

Note: This section is a generic section  stub. You can help expand it by clicking [edit] to the right of the section title.

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