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This template is a simple shortcut for displaying the icons for the 4 companion abilities to the Enchanting, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, and Mining professions and (optionally) a link to the relevant article or some other formatted text.

{{ProfAbility|<ability>|<Formatted text or options>}}

The ability parameter accepts many options outside of what the four companions abilities are called in-game such as abbreviations and common misspellings.

The second parameter can be either any formatted text (try to include a link), or the string 'notext' to not display any text at all, just the two icons.

Regular examples
{{ProfAbility|Disenchant}}IconSmall Disenchant Disenchant {{ProfAbility|de}}IconSmall Disenchant Disenchant
{{ProfAbility|Milling}}IconSmall Milling Milling {{ProfAbility|mill}}IconSmall Milling Milling
{{ProfAbility|Prospecting}}IconSmall Prospecting Prospecting {{ProfAbility|jc}}IconSmall Prospecting Prospecting
{{ProfAbility|Smelting}}IconSmall Smelting Smelting {{ProfAbility|smelt}}IconSmall Smelting Smelting
Notext examples
IconSmall Disenchant IconSmall Milling IconSmall Prospecting IconSmall Smelting
Alternate text examples
{{ProfAbility|<Smelt>|[[Forge|Smelters]]}}IconSmall Smelting Smelters

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