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Use the NPC box to help summarize the vital stats of a particular mob or NPC.


HordeNPCElite 32Georgio the Destroyer
Also known as Too thin blondie
Halis Dawnstrider
Title <Destroyer of Worlds>
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 79 Elite
Health 20,000
Wealth 4Gold 7Silver 25Copper
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Undercity
Location The Great Sea [30, 20]
 | faction = Horde
 | name = Georgio the Destroyer
 | aka = Too thin blondie
 | image = Halis Dawnstrider.jpg
 | title = Destroyer of Worlds
 | gender = Male
 | race = Ogre
 | creature = Humanoid
 | level = 79
 | type = Elite
 | health = 20,000
 | money= {{Cost|4|7|25}}
 | aggro = {{Aggro|-1|1}}
 | repfaction = Undercity
 | location = [[The Great Sea]] {{coords|30|20|Eversong Woods}}
 | instance = Wailing Caverns
  • float = Specify one of "left", "right", "none". Used to place the npcbox on the page. Default is 'right'.
  • faction = Specify one of "Horde", "Alliance", "Neutral", or "Combat" (for mobs; but "Hostile" also works). Used to create the crest of the infobox.
  • name = The name of the NPC. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
  • aka = Optional name also known as.
    • Shows up as: Also known as AKA_name
  • image = The filename of an image to include (Image will be scaled down to 200px width or 300px height, whichever is greater). See WoWWiki:Nopics for placeholder images to use. If param used, but no image supplied, page will go into Category:Screenshot needed.
    • imagewidth = Optional image width chnge (default: 200px).
  • title = The title of the NPC that appears in brackets below the name, e.g. <Destroyer of Worlds>
  • gender = The sex of the NPC. Specify "Male" or "Female". Default not shown.
  • race = The race/model (for undead, use "<specific undead type>" (like Ghoul), "Undead (<specific type>), <race> (formerly)" or just "Undead") of the NPC. Braces automatically included (braces not necessary).
  • creature = In game classification. (e.g. Humanoid, Beast, Demon, Mechanical, etc).
  • level = The level of the NPC. Defaults to "??". If param used, page will go into Category:Level level# NPCs category.
  • type = Specify "Elite" if the NPC is Elite, like a city guard or "Boss" if the NPC is a Boss (city or instance). Defaults to Normal which is not shown.
  • health = The amount of health this NPC has
  • mana = The amount of mana this NPC has
  • money = The amount average amount of money that drops when this mob is killed
  • aggro = displays if the NPC is aggressive to horde or alliance
  • repfaction = The reputation faction that the NPC is allied with. Usually a capital city (braces not necessary)
  • location = The specific subzone or coordinates of the NPC. Braces necessary
  • character = One of the playable classes in WoW or the RPG; unit or lore class if character is pre-WoW. As many can be listed as needed.
  • occupation = the character's role and/or position
  • status = "Alive", "Active" (when referring to gods, demigods and related beings), "Imprisoned", "Deceased" or "Unknown". If imprisoned or deceased a short summary can be included. Characters killed by players in WoW are to be listed as "Killable" regardless of circumstances. DO NOT USE "Undead" for status (see Forum:Naming the races of the undead creatures).
  • relatives = spouses, siblings, parents, children, any other family members. Please put the relationship in parenthesis.
  • mentors = If the character wields magic, then that person's teacher can be listed here.
  • students = If the character had an apprentice, or students then those characters can be listed here.
  • companions = Friends or group members.
  • source = Game(s) (or other sources) where character is seen.
  • id = NPC id from DB to show Wowhead 3D model viewer button
    Example: |id=1234
  • subdomain = if using id= specify alternate subdomain for Wowhead 3D model viewer link
    Example: |subdomain=mop (for Mists-Logo-Small)
  • instance = putting the instance name here will add a collapsible info box for the instance bosses (assuming the instance page is set up correctly)
  • tcg = Optional TCG image (File: not needed; i.e. Lady_Jaina_Proudmoore.JPG).

Pet Information (for beast mobs)

  • pet = Creature pet family, such as "cat" or "turtle". Defaults to hidden.
More Examples
| image = Ysera in her Night Elf form(found on Twitter).jpg| name = Ysera
| titles =  The Dreamer, She of the Dreaming, The Green, Mistress of Dreams
| gender = Female| race = Green wyrm| creature = Dragonkin| level = ??
| health = 1,394,000| mana = 425,000
| type = Boss| occupation = Queen of the Emerald Dream
| location = [[Emerald Dragonshrine]] [[Dragonblight]]
| relatives = [[Merithra]] (daughter); [[Alexstrasza]] (sister);
| students = [[Cenarius]]| affiliation = [[Green dragonflight]], [[Wyrmrest Accord]]
| faction = Neutral| instance = Serpentshrine Cavern| alignment = [[Neutral good]]{{Cite|MoM|188}}
| status = Mortal{{fact}} (formerly [[Eternal]]),{{fact}} Active
| tcg = Vashj NElf TCG.jpg
| id = 54172

text before

NeutralNPCElite 32Ysera
Ysera in her Night Elf form(found on Twitter)
Title The Dreamer, She of the Dreaming, The Green, Mistress of Dreams
Gender Female
Race Green wyrm (Dragonkin)
Level  ?? Boss
Health 1,394,000
Mana 425,000
Affiliation Green dragonflight, Wyrmrest Accord
Position Dragon Aspect of Nature, Queen of the Emerald Dream
Location Emerald Dragonshrine Dragonblight
Status Mortal[citation needed] (formerly Eternal),[citation needed] Active
Relative(s) Merithra (daughter); Alexstrasza (sister)
Student(s) Cenarius
Alignment Neutral goodMoM 188
See Icon-3D-48x48
TCG image
Vashj NElf TCG
text after
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NPC factionHorde + and Neutral +

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