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You may want to use {{Mob}} for non-interactive (doesn't talk, just auto-emote, fight, or ignore) creatures or {{Battlepet}} for battle pets.
faction, title, and display_name are optional.
Additional Note
  • 1 = Faction (AllianceOfficial alliance mini-icon, HordeOfficial horde mini-icon), NeutralNeutral 15, BothBoth 15, etc.; blank shows no icon).
  • 2 = NPC name.
  • 3 = <Title>.
  • 4 = Shown display name.
  • color = Optional valid CSS/HTML text color.
  • level = Optional should have a number (add + for elite).
  • smallicon = Optional should use icons from WoWWiki:List of race icons without leading Image:.
  • id = Optional NPC id. Shows superscript links to DBs.
    • subdomain = Optional Wowhead subdomain. Used when id = used. Currently supports subdomain=old, subdomain=ptr, or subdomain=mop (for Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria before it goes live). Only used for WoWDB (ptr only) and Wowhead (old, ptr, or mop).
    • dbmmoc = Optional Show link to (suppressed by default). Used when id = used.
{{NPC|Alliance|Jaina Proudmoore|Ruler of Theramore|Lady Jaina Proudmoore}}
{{NPC||Andormu|Keepers of Time|level=70+}}
{{NPC|Horde|Wickerman Guardian|level=60+|icon=Abomination}}
{{NPC|Alliance|Bubulo Acerbus|Alliance Cloth Quartermaster|<s>Bubulo Acerbus</s>|color=gray}}
{{NPC|Boss|Algalon the Observer|level=??}}
Official alliance mini-icon Lady Jaina Proudmoore <Ruler of Theramore>
[70+] Andormu <Keepers of Time>
Official horde mini-icon [60+] IconSmall Abomination Wickerman Guardian
Official alliance mini-icon Bubulo Acerbus <Alliance Cloth Quartermaster>
Boss 15 [??] Algalon the Observer
See also
  • {{Battlepet}}
  • {{Mob}}
  • {{Npclong}} - which doesn't really do much more, but may reduce some typing.

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