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Places a collapsible box with collapsible rows on a wiki page. This is a convenience template for wrapping each row with a 'navbox' to make the rows themselves collapsible. See {{Navbox}}. See also {{Navbox with columns}}.

title= text in the title bar, such as: 'Widget stuff'.
state= [none|plain|off, hide|coll|collapsed] - outer state. 'none' disables collapsing, 'hide' starts as collapsed.
state[n]= [none|plain|off, hide|coll|collapsed, show|uncollapsed] - group state. Default 'collapsed'. ex: state1 = plain

See Template:Navbox_with_collapsible_groups/doc2 for more instructions and examples.

{{Navbox with collapsible groups
|name=Navbox with collapsible sections
|title=[[Reputation]] [[faction]]s
|list1 =
  |title = {{wow-inline}} Classic
  |group1 = {{Alink}}
  |list1 = 
    |group1 = 
    |list1 = [[Darnassus (faction)|Darnassus]]{{·}} [[Gnomeregan Exiles]]
    |group2 = Alliance Forces
    |list2 = [[League of Arathor|The League of Arathor]]{{·}} [[Silverwing Sentinels]]

  |group2 = {{Hlink}}
  |list2 =
    |list1 = [[Darkspear Trolls]]{{·}} [[Orgrimmar (faction)|Orgrimmar]]
    |group2 = Horde Forces
    |list2 = [[Defilers|The Defilers]]{{·}} [[Frostwolf clan]]{{·}} [[Warsong Outriders]]

|group2 = {{bc-inline}} Burning Crusade
|list2 =
  |group1 = {{Alink}} |list1 = [[Exodar (faction)|Exodar]]{{·}} [[Honor Hold]]{{·}} [[Kurenai]]
  |group2 = {{Hlink}} |list2 = [[Silvermoon City (faction)|Silvermoon City]]{{·}} [[Mag'har|The Mag'har]]

|group3 = {{wotlk-inline}} Wrath of the Lich King
|list3 =
  |group1 = {{Alink|Alliance Vanguard}} |list1 = [[Explorers' League]]{{·}} [[Frostborn|The Frostborn]]
  |group2 = {{Hlink|Horde Expedition}} |list2 = [[Hand of Vengeance|The Hand of Vengeance]]{{·}} [[Sunreavers|The Sunreavers]]

text before

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