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See also: Template:Coords and Template:MLink
This template embeds a map in the page. Clicking on the embedded map will open the Map Lighbox. You may also attach notes to the map.

This template is usable for both world- and instance-maps. If you don't know what the difference is, nevermind ;)

If you're unsure about the map's name, check the master list for the zone and alt parameters.

Usage Edit


name of the zone whose map you want to show
alt (optional) 
a small number of zones have multiple maps and need this parameter as well
size (optional) 
the width of the map in pixels (but without units!); defaults to 501 (50% of the full size maps)
notes (optional) 
a list of one or more map notes

Examples Edit

Map only Edit

{{Map|Elwynn Forest|size=300}}

will be rendered as:


Map with notes Edit

{{Map|Elwynn Forest|notes=
{{Zone Map Note|25.8|89.6|Skull|Hogger|Location##Elite mob;;Location::Hogger}}
{{Zone Map Note|39.4|60.5|Star|Graveyard|Point of Interest::Graveyard}}
{{Zone Map Note|24.4|78|Cross|Raid meets here|Location::Raid meets here}}

will be rendered as:


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