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See also Template:Coords and Template:Map.

Use this template instead of creating text-links to maps. Why is that useful? Test it yourself:

  1. ordinary link: Dalaran
  2. fancy MLink: Dalaran

As you can see, hovering over the MLink will show a small preview of the map and clicking on it will open the Map Lightbox instead of taking you directly to the map's file page.

Usage Edit


1 or zone 
name of the map zone; if you're unsure about the zone's name, check the master list!
alt (optional) 
a small number of zones have multiple maps and you'll need this parameter to pick the right one; this can also be found in the master list
text (optional) 
use this parameter if you want to show text other than the zone's name
size (optional) 
size of the preview map in pixels (but without units!); defaults to 300
usemap (optional) 
use the file name instead of the zone name as the display text; this option overrides both the default and the text option!

Examples Edit

1.) basic example:

{{MLink|Elwynn Forest}}

will be rendered as: Elwynn Forest

2.) unneccessarily complicated example:

{{MLink|zone=Isle of Thunder|alt=1|text=Isle of Thunder, phase 1|size=400}}

will be rendered as: Isle of Thunder, phase 1

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