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Feeding Frenzy
Inv misc fish 48
  • Your pet does X% additional damage to targets with less than 35% health.
Usable by
LocationTier 4
Points required9
Talent requiredSpiked Collar
{{Infobox pet talent
| name =
| image =
| description =
| class =
| family =
| location =
| affects =
| ranks =
| points_req =
| talent_req =
| buff_name =
| buff_type =
| buff_image =
| buff_desc =
| buff_dur =

Valid Field Entries:

  • Name: Talent name.
  • Image: Talent image, eg Ability_Warrior_Someability.png
  • Description: Talent description as it appears in-game (replacing rank-modifiable values with "X","Y", etc.).
  • Class: List the class of the pet.
  • Family: List the pet family that have this talent (Cunning, Ferocity, Tenacity)
  • Location: "Tree, Tier" (e.g.: "Fury, Tier 5" for Death Wish).
  • Affects: "<attribute>", "<ability>", "<talent>" etc. (e.g.: "Critical Strike" in case of Cruelty, "Slam" in case of Improved Slam, "Mortal Strike" in case of Improved Mortal Strike).
  • Ranks: "x" (talent's maximum rank number).
  • Talent required: (optional) "Talent" required to activate it (e.g. "Sweeping Strikes" in case of Mortal Strike).
  • Points required: Number of points required in the talent's tree in order to activate it.
  • Buff Name: (optional) Name of a buff or debuff that is applied with this ability (leaving this blank disables this section)
  • Buff Type: magic, curse, poison, disease, or leave blank for typeless
  • Buff Image: Icon image for the buff
  • Buff Desc: In-game text on the tooltip
  • Buff Dur: Duration, including units. e.g. "10 seconds"
  • Debuff: (optional) If the ability causes a buff, do not include this. if the ability causes a debuff, usage is |debuff= and nothing more.

Note: In case of talents that enable new abilities, like Roar of Recovery, the editor should use Pet Ability Infobox.

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