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Design template for editing and testing Featured Articles. Use {{FA}} to publish new articles or edits.

Featured articles being edited can be previewed below. Click purge to force a reload.

  • 1 - image, Use image name and suffix.
  • 2 - imagesize, Should not need changing. Only do so if image has 'unusual' height/width.
  • 3 - imagetext, image caption.
  • 4 - imagealign, If image is 'broader' than tall (or quadratic), use 'middle'. If image is 'taller' than broad, use 'right'
  • 5 - text, If 'imagealign' is set to 'middle', then text can be split where 'text' is above the image 'text2' is below.
  • 6 - text2, If "imagealign' is set to 'right', then write 'all' to use only 'text'.

Queen Azshara was the beloved ruler of the kaldorei ten thousand years ago, and is the current ruler of the monstrous naga. Entrancingly beautiful and beloved by her people, Azshara began a descent into madness when she was corrupted by the Dark Titan Sargeras, master of the Burning Legion.

After her defeat at the hands of Malfurion Stormrage, and the Great Sundering that sent her and much of her Highborne into the depths of the sea, Azshara was transformed into the Empress of Nazjatar — progenitor of the serpentine naga. Azshara is the greatest mortal mage ever to live. In fact she may no longer be mortal.

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