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Usage: {{subst:Editing|<Article_name>}}

  • Please note the underscore ( _ ) is necessary, or link will be broken.

Editing & Sandboxes

Please take a moment to read the editing help pages, it might help you achieve what you are trying to do. It is preferable to avoid making a large number of small edits in a short period of time to a single page, as it clutters the RecentChanges and the edit history of the page. You can preview your changes without saving by making use of the "Show preview" button at the bottom of the edit box. Also it's helpful if you can provide a brief summary in the "Edit summary" box before saving, e.g. "corrected mob health", "added a screenshot", or one of the many standard edit summaries (if none of the standard ones fit, please just describe your changes).

If you do need to save the page to see the results, please consider playing around on one of the public WoWWiki:Sandboxes (choose one which doesn't appear to be under current use), or create a personal sandbox at User:Editing/Sandbox. Sandboxes allow you to play around with page layouts, etc without cluttering the main edit histories, and you can make your changes to the real page once you are happy with them. Thank you for your understanding. -- ~~

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