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This template is designed to represent the most common forms of currency: the set of gold, silver, and copper, arena/honor/achievement points, honor tokens, and badge rewards tracked using the currency window.
All other items that are used as currency, tier loot tokens, and quest objectives should use {{costitem|<cost>|<actual item>|<display name/desired link>}} instead of this template.
If a standard in-game icon exists in the form of File:icon_name.png, you can create a currency count with:
The |icon= value should be in the form of: icon_name.png
If you don't know the icon, but know the name, use |icon=inv_misc_questionmark.png.
Cost abbreviations
Currency PvP currency
  • Copper (Copper) - c
  • Silver (Silver) - s
  • Gold (Gold) - g
PvE currency Cataclysm-Logo-Small Archaeology currency



Other tracked currencies
More other tracked currencies
Warlords-Logo-Small item currencies Warlords-Logo-Small Archaeology currency



Holiday currencies
{{Cost|<gold> |<silver> |<copper> |<g=> |<s=> |<c=> |<h=> |<a-h=> |<h-a=> |<h-h=> |<cp=> |<cp-a=> |<cp-h=> |<tbc=> |<jp=> |<vp=> |<ach=> |<cs=> |<dca=> |<ca=> |<djt=> |<ijt=> |<vc=> |<hoob=> |<wt=> |<mod=> |<eocd=> |<ecgf=> |<lcgf=> |<mrof=> |<it=> |<soh=> |<bc=> |<cc=> |<tc=> |<ws=> |<lt=> |<tt=> |<dpt=> |<dpc=> |<llc=>}}
Supported currencies
2Gold 3Silver
4Silver 5Copper
8250 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Alterac valley mark of honor
8250 Pvpcurrency-honor-alliance
8250 Pvpcurrency-honor-alliance
8250 Pvpcurrency-honor-horde
50 Pvpcurrency-conquest-alliancePvpcurrency-conquest-horde
50 Pvpcurrency-conquest-alliance
50 Pvpcurrency-conquest-horde
40 Achievement zone tolbarad
275 Pvecurrency-justice
150 Pvecurrency-valor
3 Achievement profession chefhat
3 Inv misc token argentdawn3
4 Inv misc enggizmos 33
30 Inv misc markoftheworldtree
3 Spell shadow sealofkings
2 Inv elemental primal shadow
1 Inv misc coin 17
3 Inv misc coin 18
1 Archaeology 5 0 mogucoin
3 Inv relics idolofferocity
3 Inv elemental spiritofharmony 2
1 Timelesscoin-bloody
2 Inv misc trinketpanda 07
1 Timelesscoin
1 Inv arcane orb
10 Inv valentinescard01
5 Achievement halloween candy 01
5 Inv misc ticket darkmoon 01
10 Pvpcurrency-honor-horde
10 Pvpcurrency-conquest-alliance
35 Trade archaeology draenei artifactfragment
35 Trade archaeology dwarf artifactfragment
35 Trade archaeology fossil fern
35 Trade archaeology nerubian artifactfragment
35 Trade archaeology highborne artifactfragment
35 Trade archaeology orc artifactfragment
35 Trade archaeology titan fragment
35 Trade archaeology troll artifactfragment
35 Trade archaeology vrykul artifactfragment
35 Achievement dungeon arakkoaspires
35 Achievement character orc male brn
35 Spell nature rockbiter
3 Trade archaeology draenei tome
3 Trade archaeology dwarf runestone
3 Trade archaeology nerubian obelisk
3 Trade archaeology highborne scroll
3 Trade archaeology orc bloodtext
3 Trade archaeology aqir artifactfragment
3 Trade archaeology troll tablet
3 Inv relics 6orunestone arakkoacipher
3 Inv relics 6orunestone orcspeakingstaff
3 Inv relics 6orunestone ogremissive
Custom currencies
Holiday Examples
{{Cost|cost=1|name=|name=Burning Blossom|icon=INV_SummerFest_FireFlower.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Coin of Ancestry|icon=inv_misc_elvencoins.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Love Token|icon=inv_valentinescard01.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Noblegarden Chocolate|icon=achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Brewfest Prize Token|icon=inv_misc_coin_01.png}}
1 Inv summerfest fireflower
1 Inv misc elvencoins
1 Inv valentinescard01
1 Achievement noblegarden chocolate egg
1 Inv misc coin 01
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Volatile Seaforium Blastpack|icon=inv_misc_bomb_07.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Goblin Barbecue|icon=inv_gizmo_fuelcell.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Lure Master Tackle Box|icon=inv_misc_enggizmos_39.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Elementium Toolbox|icon=inv_misc_enggizmos_34.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles|icon=inv_helmet_47.png}}
{{Cost|cost=1|name=Don't know icon image|icon=inv_misc_questionmark.png}}
1 Inv misc bomb 07
1 Inv gizmo fuelcell
1 Inv misc enggizmos 39
1 Inv misc enggizmos 34
1 Inv helmet 47
1 Inv misc questionmark

See also Edit

  • {{Coppercost|<amount>}} to show an amount of money given as a number copper coins.
  • {{costitem}}

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