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[[Death Knight (manga)|Death Knight]]{{·}} [[Mage (manga)|Mage]]{{·}} [[Shaman (manga)|Shaman]]
[[Death Knight (manga)|Death Knight]]{{·}} [[Mage (manga)|Mage]]{{·}} [[Shaman (manga)|Shaman]]
[[Shadow Wing]] — ([[The Dragons of Outland]]{{·}} [[Nexus Point]]{{·}} [[Dragons of Outland Volume 3|Volume 3]])
[[Shadow Wing]] — ([[The Dragons of Outland]]{{·}} [[Nexus Point]]{{·}} [[Shadow Wing Volume 3|Volume 3]])

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The Sunwell Trilogy — (Dragon Hunt · Shadows of Ice · Ghostlands) — Ultimate Edition

LegendsVolume 1 · Volume 2 · Volume 3 · Volume 4 · Volume 5

Death Knight · Mage · Shaman

Shadow Wing — (The Dragons of Outland · Nexus Point · Volume 3)

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