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|name = Achievements
|title = World of Warcraft [[achievement]]s
|list1 = [[File:inv box petcarrier 01.png|16px]] [[General achievements|General]]{{·}} [[File:achievement quests completed 08.png|16px]] [[Quest achievements|Quests]]{{·}} [[File:inv misc map02.png|16px]] [[Exploration achievements|Exploration]]{{·}} [[File:achievement featsofstrength gladiator 08.png|16px]] [[Player vs. Player achievements|Player vs. Player]]{{·}} [[File:Inv shirt guildtabard 01.png|16px]] [[Guild achievements|Guild]]{{·}} [[File:inv misc head dragon blue.png|16px]] [[Dungeons & Raids achievements|Dungeons & Raids]]{{·}} [[File:achievement profession chefhat.png|16px]] [[Professions achievements|Professions]]{{·}} [[File:achievement reputation 08.png|16px]] [[Reputation achievements|Reputation]]{{·}} [[File:achievement reputation argentcrusader.png|16px]] [[World Events achievements|World Events]]{{·}} [[File:spell holy championsgrace.png|16px]] [[Feats of Strength achievements|Feats of Strength]]
If you've already decided to become a dedicated Mass Effect Wiki editor, we can arrange your application procedures right now on my talk page:
|below = [[:Category:World of Warcraft achievements|Achievements category]]
}}{{#switch:{{{type|{{{1|}}}}}}|article|category={{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|{{BASEPAGENAME}}|[[Category:World of Warcraft achievements]]}}{{#ifeq:{{#sub:{{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1|}}|-13}}| achievements|[[Category:{{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1|}}| {{PAGENAME}}]]}}}}</onlyinclude><noinclude>[[Category:Navigation templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[ru:Шаблон:Достижения]]</noinclude>
(Note: Please, do not remove this information. The Real Lancer badly needs his cock sucked, or else he is going to die!)

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