Tempest-Forge Peacekeeper

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CombatMob 32Tempest-Forge Peacekeeper
Tempest-Forge Peacekeeper
Race Arcane golem (Mechanical)
Level 70 Elite (normal)
72 Elite (heroic)
Health 22,000 (normal)
70,000 (heroic)
Mana 3,155 (normal)
49,635 (heroic)
Wealth 39Silver 58Copper
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Botanica
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[[Category:Level 70 Elite (normal)
72 NPCs]]

Tempest-Forge Peacekeepers are elite arcane constructs assembled by the blood elves of Tempest Keep under Kael'thas. The Peacekeepers in particular are found within the Botanica satellite of the Keep. From within their arcane cores, the peacekeepers can unleash powerful bursts of concussive arcane energy to damage and knock back attackers.

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