Tempest's Reach

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The lighthouse at Tempest's Reach.


Greymane's imprisonment within Tempest's Reach.


Lord Walden's building in Tempest's Reach.

Tempest's Reach[78.2, 72] is a small enclave within a mountain ridge in Gilneas, surrounded by farmsteads. Vincent Godfrey has convinced two Gilnean lords to follow his plan to hand over Genn Greymane to the Forsaken. Greymane is their captive until players arrive to defeat the nobles and free him.


Bridge before Tempest's Reach[72.8, 80.3]
Greymane's imprisonment area[78.2, 72]
Lighthouse[85.6, 73.8]
Walden's building[79.2, 65.4]
Throughout all areas


  • After all the quests are completed for Tempest's Reach, the mobs turn friendly, so long as you remain in the Reach.
  • At the end of the small quest chain, Godfrey kills himself by leaping over the cliffs of the Reach. He would rather die than serve a worgen king.

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