This object was moved and renamed to the Teleport to Violet Stand Crystal.

Archmage Celindra with Teleport Crystal

Teleport to Ruins under Dalaran Crystal

The Teleport to Ruins under Dalaran Crystal used to teleport to the Teleport to Dalaran Crystal and was used to safely leave Dalaran during the early part of the Wrath-Logo-Small beta without having to jump down to the Crystalsong Forest. It was located in the mage portal room just behind Neutral 15 Archmage Celindra <Portal Trainer> on the east side in southeast central Dalaran, to the northwest and across from Krasus' Landing (flight path).

It was involved in the following quest:

Patch changes Edit

  • Before Patch 3.0.2, this object was a placeholder at the time before the Violet Stand models were added to the Wrath-Logo-Small beta and the crystal was moved to the intended location in Violet Stand.

External links Edit

See Teleport to Violet Stand Crystal. It has the same object id.

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