Teegan Holloway is a lvl 14 Forsaken quest mob, leading a group of Forsaken Looters at the Tower of Althalaxx [58.0, 24.0]
, in search for remaining Dark Strand works.[1]


  • Dark Strike (range: 10 yards,Melee.Imbues the caster's weapon with shadow, inflicting additional damage on its next attack. All damage caused is considered Shadow damage.)
  • Shadow Charge (Movement speed increased by 80%.Inflicting additional Physical damage on first attack.6 sec duration)

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He's in the new Darkshore questline[2], that was added in the Cataclysm-Logo-Smallcataclysm and part of the quest: Alliance 15 [10] The Looting of Althalaxx, given by the Night Elf quest giver Alliance 15 IconSmall Night Elf Male Mathas Wildwood in the nearby Ruins of Mathystra.


(near/inside the tower)

Teegan Holloway says: Leave no stone unturned. I mean that literarlly, you heaps of decay! Tear this place apart if you have to!
Teegan Holloway says: I want to see every scrap of paper you wretches get your claws on.
Teegan Holloway says: I said, SEARCH the bodies BEFORE you eat them!

(aggro line)

Teegan Holloway says: Your flesh is forfeit!


  • He is above the average, in terms of difficulty, as he has unusual high health and surrounded by several Forsaken Looters.
  • He's found Is patrolling what remains of the now upper level of the ruined tower.

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