After warlords of Draenor, The Dark Portal is closed by goblins and gnoms with a giant iron wall.

Goblins with horde and gnoms with alliance have start Technology war...

Wrathion has made ​​the final titan (the most perfect creature) and with the help of her wants to destroy Azeroth and rebuild it again, but better then it was before.

Jaina joined him and became a techno mage.

Dark portal


IconSmall Goblin Male Trade Prince Gallywix (Horde)

IconSmall Gnome Female President "Female Name" (new gnome leader) (Alliance)

IconSmall Mekkatorque Gelbin Mekkatorque (Alliance)

IconSmall Goblin Male Gazlowe (neutral)

IconSmall Wrathion Wrathion (Black Prince) (enemy)

IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore (enemy)

New Citys:Edit

New Kezan (goblin) - Maelstrom

Gilneas (Worgen) -Eastern Kingdoms

Zul'something (troll) - Pandaria

Technocity (gnome) - Northrend


No more outland and Draenor.

All zones have been changed(no more twilight's Hammer clan,more technology stuffs...).

Undercity looks more like Brill.

Bigger Darnassus.

Fixed Exodar and Silvermoon City...


Northrend 1-20 (gnome), 60-80

Pandaria 1-20  (troll), 60-80

Eastern Kingdoms 1-60, 80-90

Kalimdor 1-60, 80-90

Metal star (something like Ulduar but in space. Wrathion has made it ​​with the help of the final titan.) 90-110

New class:Edit

Techno mages

Final boss:Edit

For alliance:

IconSmall Titan FemaleFinal titan (Great female metal titan which has created by Wrathion)

For horde:

IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore  (Techno mage)

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